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Firmware Nokia 3120c RM-364

Nokia 3120c RM-364 APAC X V10.00

rm364__10.00.mcusw File Size: 21 MB
rm364__10.00.ppm_x File Size: 6 MB
RM364_0579459_10.00_002.dcp File Size: 36 KB
rm364__10.00_ISM_002.image_x_chrome File Size: 11 MB
RM364_0579459_10.00_002_signature.bin File Size: 2 KB
RM364_0579459_10.00_002.vpl File Size: 2 KB


rm364__10.00.mcusw File Size: 21 MB
rm364__10.00.ppm_x File Size: 6 MB
RM364_0561791_10.00_011.dcp File Size: 36 KB
rm364__10.00_ISM_011.image_x_chestnut_brown File Size: 11 MB
RM364_0561791_10.00_011_signature.bin File Size: 2 KB
RM364_0561791_10.00_011.vpl File Size: 2 KB


rm364__10.00.mcusw File Size: 21 MB
rm364__10.00.ppm_x File Size: 6 MB
RM364_0561775_10.00_011.dcp File Size: 36 KB
rm364__10.00_ISM_011.image_x_indigo_blue File Size: 11 MB
RM364_0561775_10.00_011_signature.bin File Size: 2 KB
RM364_0561775_10.00_011.vpl File Size: 2 KB


RM364_0561007_10.00_011_signature.bin File Size: 2 KB
RM364_0561007_10.00_011.vpl File Size: 2 KB
rm364__10.00.mcusw File Size: 21 MB
RM364_0561007_10.00_011.dcp File Size: 36 KB
rm364__10.00.ppm_x File Size: 6 MB
rm364__10.00_ISM_011.image_x_plum File Size: 11 MB

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